Aaron Cloutier’s First Look at Spira with Fuzz

We’re happy to announce our first video with musician/writer/producer Aaron Cloutier (and creative force behind Davola.) We’re planning a series of these, so follow us on any of our social media channels to hear about the next one. (Links in the top right of this page, and Aaron’s links down below.)

We invited Aaron to try out Spira with a few different fuzz pedals, and he came up with some awesomely heavy riffs on this dual guitar track. The track features the Black Cat Super Fuzz and JHS Muffuletta, each running directly into the Spira filter modulation pedal. To get an even closer look at Spira, don’t miss the isolated tracks at the end of the video.

Spira is in stock and ready to ship to you! Click here to learn more, or get it here, or at Reverb or Amazon.

Music written by Aaron Cloutier. Check out more of Aaron’s music and social media:

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