Merlo is a unique harmonic tremolo with a big sound and creative features. Like classic harmonic tremolos, Merlo splits the signal into frequency components amplified during different parts of the LFO’s repeating cycle. It also adds exciting enhancements to this timeless recipe. By using more frequency bands than just high and low pass, offering a wide palette of LFO shapes, including versatile EQ curves, and providing a tap tempo control that glides smoothly into the new tempo, Merlo delivers classic tremolo, modern modulation, and pulsating experimental effects.

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Classic Tremolo Controls

The Rate and Depth controls work together to do the job you expect of any tremolo. The rate can be set from slowly evolving to glitchy fast, while the depth can be set from flat to maximum dynamic range.

Tone Shaping

The Tone Shaping Mode and Color control work together to provide a vast tonal variety. Three different tone shaping modes provide either a flat, transparent response, a mid peak, or a warm high-end rolloff. The Color control sweeps each harmonic profile from subtle to intense. These modes are designed to respond to the tremolo movement and have a responsiveness that can’t be achieved by putting EQ before or after a tremolo.

LFO Shaping

The LFO Type and Shape controls work together to provide classic sine, triangle, and square shapes, and at the twist of a knob, an organic blend of new waveforms thanks to the FM modulation driving the LFO section.

Tempo Glide

Set the tremolo rate with the Rate control or Tap footswitch. When using the Tap control, the rate glides to the new tempo, enabling gentle or dramatic tempo sweeps.  


  • Power supply included

  • Standard 9v, center ground power jack

  • 180 mA required current

  • Soft Touch True Bypass

  • Top mounted jacks

Internal DIP switches

Remove the back cover to access additional customizations.

  1. OFF: Default to bypass at power on, ON: Default to effect on at power on.

  2. Unused

  3. OFF: Pulsing LEDs, ON: Non-pulsing LEDs.