Spira Release: June 2018

Mark your calendars now. We will be releasing the Spira filter modulation pedal for sale in June 2018, and will be demo’ing at Summer NAMM, June 28 - 30.

Spira, and the innovative FPGA hardware platform that drives it, have been over two years in the making. We’re excited to reach this milestone so that we can share it with all of you.

In 1964, Roger Shepard wrote about an auditory illusion produced when a series of tones ascended (or descended) a scale, and a separate series of tones played the same notes one octave later, and so on, as if in rounds. The notes played, when all taken together, seem to infinitely ascend much like the visual illusion of a vintage barber pole.

The inspiration for Spira was to explore using a bank of resonant bandpass filters to produce the Shepard glissando illusion. The experiment was a success, and we've fully developed it into a robust and versatile pedal effect. Spira works with any instrument or sound source to impart the effect of the continuously moving filters, which seem to rise or fall in a never-ending cascade.

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